• Regarding Singing Valentines
  • It was fun to listen to it and quite amazing to me that the beautiful harmonies
    and timing could be created long distance! WOW!
    - Carol

    So, I have to admit I've never been much of a fan of Valentine's Day, but BOY did The Concord Coachmen just change that tonight! The past few days have been loaded with unexpected stress (which is why this is so late so I apologize) but the SECOND I heard that first note of their heavenly harmonizing it was like a giant wave of calm came over me, my shoulders relaxed, and I still can't stop smiling even now. A BIG thanks to Cathy Gruette and her husband, Lead Concord Coachmen Member, David for sharing this glorious FREE Valentine's gift with us!!! It's just what we all need these days... nostalgic medicine for the soul.?????
    - Karen


  • Regarding 2020 Annual Show
  • Thank you for a wonderful show. It was warm, tender, uplifting and funny. It was a great show and it reflected all the hard work that went into it behind the scenes and on screen. The finale, which I listened to on MLK Day, brought me to tears, too. A masterful job.
    - Bret G. (Listening from Manchester, N.H.)


  • Regarding 2019 Annual Show
  • We had such a great time! Thank you for hosting an awesome show!
    - Christina T.

    FABULOUS show, enjoyed every note! 
    - Harriet S L.

    It was nicely put together, very fun!.
    - Susan B


  • Regarding The chorus performance
  • There's so much talent in your Barbershop chorus and I enjoy listening to it when they play in 'Christmas In The Village."
    - Joan B.

    You look and sound great!
    - Susan B .

    - William H.

    Listening to the Coachmen is such a delight.
    - Patricia B.


  • Regarding your presentation at the OLLI
  • Eric, when I said you fill the room, you sure proved me right. Your complete command of the presentation makes it engaging, fun and so meaningful. No way you could have known that several people in the room last night are struggling with serious health conditions either themselves or members of their families. One of them said she started smiling at the friendliness of the chorus when she walked in and that smile just grew bigger every minute. She hasn't had a lot to smile about lately.

    So many class participants sought me out after the class to say how wonderful the experience was. The chorus obviously cares a lot about each other and with their love for singing, they also love the camaraderie and fellowship....and they extend that feeling to their audience.
    - Peg F.


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