Come SING with us!

No experience necessary

You're welcome to sing with us at our chapter meetings anytime! And who knows, this could be your first step in becoming a performer with the Coachmen family. You'll make new friends and enjoy life experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Our chapter meetings and warm-ups are open to the well-behaved public. So come on down to the Parish Hall of St. John the Baptist church at 10 School Street in Allenstown, NH on the first Thursday evening of each month at 7:00 for our monthly Open Sing night. By 8:00 you'll be hankering for more of that good-old Barbershop craft!

There is no "best time of year" to visit us because we are always busy learning new music or preparing for our next performance which might be the Spring contest, one of our many summer appearances or perhaps our Fall Show. However, activities are not all contests or formal productions, so regardless of the time of year, you can become quickly involved in our activities. Make sure to check our calendar around the holidays to make sure that we're not taking a day or two off.

Most of our members have no professional musical training and range from dentists and laborers to lawyers and engineers. But it is not a member's profession or musical background that makes this experience so rewarding. It is rather the satisfaction, camaraderie and experience of being a part of a group of average men who come together from all walks of life to successfully produce such a powerful sound so unique to this true American musical form. We will help you learn what you need to know to join us in song.

We hope to see you soon! And remember... You CAN sing!!!

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